"We love the picture! You have fulfilled a long time dream of mine to have myself in a portrait in my wedding dress." Ann

"The painting showed up yesterday, and it's a big hit. Jana's whole family is impressed with it. The portrait looks like everything I was hoping for. Frankly, it brings a tear to my eye to see it." Christopher

"Your unbelievable and lovely picture arrived safely here. They were so can't imagine." Lynda

"I think you are an incredible artist. Your charcoals totally 'flip my brain' and I don't know when that has ever happened before. You absolutely have the talent to create portraits from photographs." Elva

"It's fantastic. It's probably one of the best you've done to date." Steve

"Your work is so incredible. You are so talented." Wanda

"We love it! We can't stop looking at the email you sent of the portrait and can hardly wait for you to deliver it." Sandra

"He loved it! The look on his face was one of amazement. Thanks much!" Sherry